The main character of my narrative


  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Date of Birth: 04/07/1999
  • Place of Birth: Sacramento, California
  • Alma Mater: Stanford University
  • Occupation: New Pasadena Police Department.
  • Rank: Detective


Hailing from Sacramento, Veronica is born to a moderately wealthy family as an only child. She remained quiet and shy growing up and had very few friends whilst in school.

After graduating as a computer scientist at Stanford, she moved to the prospering city of New Pasadena in the early 2020s which is becoming the next ‘Silicon Valley’. She worked as a programmer at a small robotics company for 5 years before joining the police force as a tech expert. Thanks to her aptitude with problem solving, she quickly rose to the ranks of detective.

She was a detective partner with Daniels, a senior detective who had a reputation for getting the job done no matter the cost. He shown her what it means to be a detective, even if it means having to get your hands dirty and doing things you won’t be proud of. The line of duty was far different to the patrolwoman she once was. The partnership was brief and the two disbanded, unable to resolve their differences with morals – Daniels went off the radar since and had become rather reclusive.

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